Vegan or Vegetarian in Japan! 🌱

Well if you’re vegan or vegetarian in Japan, you might have a hard time if you aren’t aware of your options and prepare well. I hope the information and links might be of help to you as it has been to me over the course of these years.


  1. HappyCow
    • Website or app, surely one of the most useful resources out there. The info is relevant and mostly up to date.
  2. Is it Vegan?
    • In this website you can navigate to find vegan products out there in the supa or conbini.
    • These products are the ones you’ll be using in day to day lives and come in handy. Not to be confused with vegan restaurants guide.
  3. Vegewel
    • Good collection of vegan and vegetarian restaurants specific to Japan.
  4. Ambika
    • If you’re looking to shop online for Indian groceries, Ambika shop is probably the best. They have vegan, vegetarian and halal products labeled and ship all over Japan.